Why You Should Provide Healthy Snacks In The Office

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Why don’t you provide healthy snacks in your office? It might be because you’ve always thought it was a waste of money, or perhaps you do provide snacks- but you’ve always favoured unhealthy alternatives. However, you might be surprised to hear that having healthy snacks in the office can have so many benefits for both you and your team. At Snackcess, we sent boxes of healthy and delicious snacks to offices.

Eating Healthy Snacks Boosts Productivity

Food can give a much-needed energy boost, improving concentration and therefore increasing the productivity of the workplace. When you choose a snack high in added sugar, this can cause an initial energy boost, but then result in employees experiencing a dip in energy just a couple of hours later. By providing snacks that are low in sugar, and high in protein or fibre, you can help your employees stay energised and focused all day long.

Our favourite productivity boosting snack: Nooro bars. They contain CBD and natural nootropics to reduce stress and aid concentration.

Snacks Make Your Workplace Happier

Studies show that 67% of employees are happier at their job as a result of the snacks provided to them. This may be because they feel more appreciated and feel like their employer cares about their health and well-being. Also, who doesn’t love having delicious snacks around, especially when they’re healthy too! There’s also some evidence that some ingredients can boost your mood by raising endorphin levels. Endorphins are hormones that make us feel happy.

Our favourite mood-boosting snack: Dosiy and Dam dark chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate, and there’s a reason for that. Chocolate can boost the production of endorphins, and dark chocolate even contains serotonin. Serotonin is also a mood boosting chemical- deficiencies of this are linked with depression and anxiety.

Snacks Improve Mental Wellness

Evidence shows that not only can food improve mood in the short term, but it can also have a big impact on your overall mental wellbeing. Nutritional deficiencies can cause common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. There is even a link between gut health and mental illnesses- an unhealthy gut can affect mental health. This can have a massive impact on your employees.

Best snack to support the gut-brain link: Lo Bros Kombucha. Kombucha contains live cultures to restore the natural balance of bacteria in the gut.

Improved Engagement

A study found that 60% of employees agree that having snacks in the office make them feel valued and appreciated. When employees feel valued, there are more likely to care about the work they do, thus increasing productivity. In addition to this, we can cater to any dietary requirement- this means that no one is left out. It can often be difficult to cater to everyone, so at Snackcess we do the hard work for you to make sure every single employee is happy and engaged.

Improved Employee Relationships

If you provide snacks at work, employees are more likely to stay in work at breaks, visit the kitchen, and therefore bump into their colleagues for a chat. This can boost team spirit and improve office communication, ultimately making you work better as a team and boost productivity across the office.

Many of our snacks are unique and not available in supermarkets, so they’re bound to start a conversation too!

Snacks Reduce Absenteeism and Illness

When employees feel appreciated, they’re more likely to want to come to work, reducing absenteeism. Further to this, eating well can reduce illness. When you replace unhealthy snacks with healthy alternatives, not only will employees be eating better at work, but they may also be motivated to improve their overall diet. Snacking can be a perfect access point for improved health. A healthy diet can boost the immune system to reduce how often employees get ill.

Our favourite immune system boosting snack: Snact fruit jerky. Containing nothing but fruit, Snact is a great way to get some more vitamins and boost the immune system.

Snacks Can Support Healthy Weight Loss

You’re probably aware of the government’s new plans to tackle obesity in the UK, including their plans to introduce a ‘soups and shakes’ diet. Healthy snacks in the workplace are a great way to get your workforce healthy. Many of our snacks are low calorie, and are high in fibre and protein to keep you full longer. You can read more about how Snackcess can help you lose weight here.

Our favourite snack for weight loss: Hippeas chickpea puffs. These are a great alternative to crisps, and contain just 91 calories a bag.

Our Snacks Are COVID Secure

Having snacks like fruit, dips and sharing bags just isn’t an option right now as it’s not hygienic and would interfere with social distancing guidelines. However, this doesn’t mean your team should suffer as a result.

All our snacks come in individual packets, meaning that there’s no communal bags or direct handling of food which would be a breeding ground for Coronavirus. Not to mention the immune boosting properties of healthy snacks as mentioned above, you can be sure that by ordering a box of our snacks you can keep your workplace safe without sacrificing employee perks.

There’s so many ways that providing healthy snacks could benefit your workplace- request a free sample from us today to see for yourself how we can help improve your office environment and employee experience.

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