Bites of Health by WellEasy
Bites of Health by WellEasy

Understanding the impact that certain foods have for us and not for others is closer than you think! Our guest today is Professor Tim Spector OBE. Tim is a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at Kings College, London & Director of the TwinsUK Registry at St Thomas’. He’s the author of two fantastic books ’The Diet Myth’ and most recently ’Spoon Fed – Why Almost Everything We’ve Been Told About Food is Wrong.’ In these books Tim debunks many food myths from the redundancy of calorie counting, to the fact that almost 80% of people who claim to be ‘gluten-free’ actually may be damaging themselves more.

Tim was recently awarded an OBE for his contribution to Health Services during the pandemic where his co-founders at Zoe launched the Covid Symptom Study App demonstrating that loss of taste and smell were early signs of infection. He’s leading the charge for all of us to understand our Microbiome’s fully and showcasing that the future of nutrition is a personal one.

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  1. Im absolutely intrigued. Curenly doing intermittent fasting. Bring single and nearly 60 problems to complicated to work out my own body reactions but would love to. Will go to bites of health website AND zoe waiting list. Thank you for helping me get a healthier lifestyle. Trish

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