Peakz Crunchy Chocolate Square

Peakz make bite-sized vegan friendly crunchy chocolate squares that can be consumed anywhere. As an ethical producer they place a large focus on the effects of climate change and the impact of biodiversity across the world which is why you see a polar bear on all of their products.

This crunchy wholegrain snack is coated in a delicious layer of 64% dark Belgian chocolate which adds a sweet flavour to every crunch. We really like the taste of this snack, particularly as fans of chocolate. Each packet contains high amounts of iron and vitamin B12 which can help with the release of energy. Overall, it is a fairly light and sweet tasting snacks with some health benefits however it is high in sugar which is why we gave a lower rating. 

You can find peakz online through their website and amazon as well as in shops like Holland and Barrett and Coop at a very reasonable price of around £1.20 per packet. We would recommend this snack for people who are constantly on-the-go and need a snack for a boost of energy. This also a popular snacks for athletes due to the high amounts of vitamin b12 and iron.