Our Story

Here at Snackcess, our story forms the core of what we do. 
We like to think it’s a pretty good one so we hope you do too. 
Josh and Sonny – two of Snackcess’s three co-founders –  had been friends since secondary school and kept in touch throughout university through their passion for all things health. 
Both experiencing their own struggles with health and food, they developed a deep passion for nutrient rich foods that had enormous benefit for the body. 
Let’s go back to where it began… 

The start of Snackcess

Sonny’s desire to learn how to fully understand what it means to be living healthily began after his first year of University. Himself and a group of friends from home had agreed to go on holiday and he set himself a goal to get into the leanest shape he’d ever been. 

 What started off as a healthy habit, getting up at 6am everyday to do 30 minutes of cardio, soon turned into an obsession. A  good day quickly transformed into two 40 minute cardio sessions in the morning and evening, as well as a 2 hour weights session in the day. 

Outside of this, naivety in understanding what was a healthy diet also led Sonny to believe that 1500 calories per day for three months straight were what was needed to achieve his goals. 

Binging, secret-eating, making himself ill are not the usual experience of a 6 ft 3 ex-rower but these problems slowly came to the surface. It was only through the realisation that what we consume plays an enormous role in how we feel, that his perspective shifted. Food became fuel for the body and something that he’d enjoy consuming if it benefitted his goals. Understanding this then fuelled Sonny to build his personal philosophy that  sleep, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and purpose are the vital components of achieving a healthy lifestyle. 

Josh’s journey with health also began with a similar path. Having had to have an operation during the first year of university, he became fascinated with the role that food played in making our bodies strong and energised. Researching the science of supplements that boosted body and mind, Josh became obsessed with the benefits that the right foods and nutrients have for the body. 

The pair kept in touch throughout university, exploring information from the latest minds in nutrition to develop a balanced and simple approach to healthy living. 

When Covid-19 gripped the world at the beginning of this year, they felt it an even more important time to understand the relationship between what we put into our bodies and the effects that it has for our wellbeing.  

Speaking to incoming graduates and other working professionals, as well as seeing articles covering the unhealthy habits that working from home encouraged, we realised that this problem was here to stay. 

As some companies had already begun to educate themselves on the benefits that healthy eating had for their workforces, there were still many who hadn’t made the changed. With the average individual spending 20% of their time each year working – either from home or in the office – creating healthy habits at work seemed like the best place to start.  

The mission was clear. We needed to create a product that inspired healthier workers. The next question was how to do this. 

Josh called upon his best friend in university to help us come up with a solution. Like Sonny, Josh and Kieran had also started a company at university and were set to do so as soon as they graduated. 

Kieran had been working hard on his final year dissertation which focused on the benefits that gift-exchange theory had for workplaces. 

As the door-to-door delivery market had grown exponentially over the last few years, accelerated even more by Covid-19, we realised that the care companies had started to place on employee health and wellbeing, could be redirected into an at-home delivery service. 

There’s nothing that any employee enjoys more than a tasty snack whilst they work. 

The three of them decided to not only build a brand that made it possible for companies to still look after the wellbeing of their employees, but a chance for them to introduce their mission of simplifying health living.  A platform that takes existing habits and makes them healthier. Snacks for at-home or in the office. 

This is what we do.