How To Make Your Virtual Event More Exciting

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Alongside working from home, virtual events are a key part of adapting the workplace and professional events to be COVID secure. However, anyone who has ever attended or hosted a virtual event will know that it can be difficult to keep attendees engaged and interested.

So, we’ve put together some tips to make sure your virtual event is exciting and memorable.

Keep Long Presentations to a Minimum

Long presentations are boring at the best of times, but when attendees are sat at home watching through a screen, it’s easier for them to get distracted and switch off. Instead, keep presentations short and only include essential information. To replace long presentations, put more emphasis on smaller group webinars.

Make Your Webinars More Interactive

There’s no point switching presentations to webinars if they aren’t interactive. One way to make them interactive is by asking questions, or even just asking for feedback from the audience. Another way to make virtual events more interactive could be to test attendees or conduct surveys. This will encourage them to pay more attention, but will also keep them engaged and make the webinars more interesting. Starting a discussion or a Q&A that everyone has the opportunity to take part in can also stop your webinars from becoming boring.

Create a Networking Platform Within the Virtual Event

At an in-person conference, it’s easy to network and meet new people in your industry. At a virtual event, networking is complicated. Make sure there’s a platform for attendees to post their attendance on, along with their contact details, and start a conversation and ask questions. Adding comment sections and real-time messaging platforms to webinars not only allows attendees to contact the host, but also allows them to contact and respond to each other.

Provide Entertainment

A good virtual event is one with a good variety of activities, not just presentations and webinars. You could include some team building activities like games or challenges, or even activities like arts and crafts and quizzes. You can tailor any of these to fit in with the theme of your virtual event. Another idea would be to include well-being workshops. Good examples of these include mindfulness and yoga sessions. With many people struggling with their mental health through the pandemic, attendees will appreciate any support and advice you can give them when it comes to looking after their well-being.

Give Out Free Gifts- Like Our Healthy Snack Boxes

Everyone loves snacks, especially when they’re healthy, delicious, and delivered straight to their door. Our boxes can be tailored to any dietary preferences, and include a personalised note to get your attendees excited. There’s no better way to fuel your virtual event!

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