The Importance of Good Nutrition for Mental Wellbeing at Work

Mental health conditions are one of the leading causes of absenteeism in the UK workplace. One way in which employers can look to help cultivate good and consistent mental health amongst their employees can be in the food that they eat. Whether you believe it or not, everyone has a ‘second brain’ in their gut, […]

What does the future of healthy snacks and drinks look like?

The healthy market for anything right now is on the rise. Consumers, particularly younger generations, want to lead healthier lives for a variety of reasons ranging from biological to environmental. In addition to this, technology and science is rapidly improving which means companies are constantly innovating and provider healthier products for consumers. On both the […]

50 Delicious Healthy Snacks for 2020

Snackcess’s Healthy Snacks Guide We all love to snack. It gives us energy to work and they normally taste really good. However, snacks like chocolate bars, crisps and biscuits are unhealthy and lead to weight gain and health issues. With all the information and science we have about our health available we should all be […]

‘Food for thought’ – Why Healthier Food Leads to Increased Productivity

When we consider how we perform at work, the food we consume is often the last thing we think about. The never ending struggle to tackle emails, task-lists, and attend virtual meetings is a priority and anything we consume otherwise is just fuel.  There is no one size fits all tool that helps to boost […]