5 Reasons Why Workplaces Are Great for Healthy Eating

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At Snackcess, we have found that there are many reasons that the workplace works incredibly well to encourage new healthy habits – especially when it comes to what we put into our bodies. Here’s 5 of our top favourite reasons as to why workplace health with regards to eating habits is a must:

1. We’re all in this Together

Whether in the office or at home, we know that many people today are still surprised when they find something healthy and tasty at the same time. It’s something we all still do as if we believe that nothing this tasty could be healthy. When this happens however, something magical soon follows … people begin to talk. There’s nothing more exciting for us here at Snackcess than hearing people talk about our snacks to one another and their workplace health benefits. People feel good about themselves and that they’ve eaten something healthy, and in turn want to shout about it to their peers. They bond over this experience with a sense of community – whether at home or in the office! Sharing an experience is one of the most impactful things that can happen to us in order to make us remember it. We know first-hand that these experiences go an enormous way to helping people consistently begin to think, learn, and become excited by other healthy things they can eat. Workplace health and nutrition programmes significantly boost company culture and engagement and their are now many softwares to help track this.

2. Caring for your Teams

A gesture, a perk, an accident … whatever you want to call it, we know that the food and drink as part of a workplace health programme inspire motivate, and engaged teams. It’s a demonstration of care not just for providing food for your workers, but also displaying how much you value their mental and physical wellbeing too. It’s the sort of message that says ‘We aren’t just providing you with food for the sake of it. We want you to be healthy individuals both inside and outside of work!’ When you throw in some more engaging tasty snacks into your workplace health goals, the experience becomes even more cherished. Caring for your workforce through gestures is one of the most important things that a business can do to encourage healthy eating habits. It resonates, it reciprocates, and it motivates a healthier lifestyle all round. With more millennials in the workforce than ever before, who demand feeling cared for by their employers, workplace health and nutrition can be one of the greatest vehicles to simplifying healthy living.

3. We Spend a lot of Time at Work 

On average, people spend almost 2,000 hours in a workplace each year which equates to roughly 20% of total hours being spent at work. Although Covid-19 has propelled a shift towards working from home, workers are still dedicating the same amount of time to the needs of their company and will still be spending 2,000 hours each year in doing so. This time period is a consistent thing that carries on for years and years. The workplace is a second home to many people. It makes sense therefore that if we can encourage healthier eating habits as part of a workplace health goal, there is a consistent part of someone’s day, week, or month in which they are being encouraged to adopt healthier behaviours. 

4. Better Health, Better Work

The World Health Organisation has found that eating healthily and living a healthier lifestyle can boost an individual’s productivity levels by up to 20%. What we eat has a real impact on how we feel and our energy levels throughout the day. Having dark chocolate on hand or another brain boosting snack can be a real game changer for an individual’s energy and can be a great tool for a companies workplace health programmes. With 90% of our Serotonin being produced in the gut, what we eat has a real impact on how we feel, and ultimately how we work. Many companies should take some time to understand the value that a healthy reward scheme could have for their employees and the its performance in the workplace.

5. On my own, it’s expensive

Many healthy products are still considered expensive today. Due to the quality of ingredients in food, the demand for wearable technology devices, and increasing uncertainty around job security currently; being healthy can be very expensive. The jump in price between organic and normal produce can be enough of a barrier to entry for many to adopt healthier eating habits. As companies grow in size and continue to perform, the workplace can be one of the best vehicles for redirecting some additional funds towards helping individuals stay healthy. In fact, there are some great services that help companies to do this such as Nutrifix and City Pantry. If spending money on meals seems a little too costly for your company at the minute, then healthy snacks delivered straight to your office can be a great option. 

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