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With Healthy Snacks.

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Our Healthy Snack Box

The Perfect

🍿 Expertly-curated Healthy Snacks.

The most delicious and healthiest snacks from across the UK and beyond.

🌟 Caters to All Dietary Requirements.

So everyone can enjoy and nobody gets left out.

✉️ Includes a Personalised Handwritten Letter.

Write your own personalised handwritten messages included in every box. 


More than Snacks...

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Healthier Workers

Healthy snacks encourages a healthy diet.


Shared Experience

Your employees will be able to bond and enjoy snacks together.


Boosted Engagement

More engaged and productive employees.

For Everyone

Snacks for every dietary requirements so everyone can enjoy.


Improved Culture

Snacks are exciting, fun and unique for your colleagues.


Saves Time

We do all the hard work and source the healthiest and most delicious snacks.

How it works?

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We tailor the snack boxes to your team and needs.


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