10 Ways To Get Your WFH Team More Engaged

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Employee engagement is vital to the workplace. As well as improving morale, a study from Smarp showed that workplaces with high engagement were 21% more profitable. Absenteeism also becomes less of a problem, with highly engaged workplaces seeing a 41% reduction. Clearly, when employees feel appreciated and connected, they care more about their work and the company. In turn, they are more productive, and the company becomes more successful as a result.

When your workforce is working remotely, it can be harder than ever to keep them engaged. Luckily, there are some simple, cost effective ways to show your appreciation and keep morale high even when your team is working from home.

Keep Everyone Updated

It’s important that communication doesn’t suffer when working from home. To keep your team updated, you could arrange regular video meetings, making sure that everyone has the opportunity to talk and ask questions. It’s also really important that your team are able to contact each other easily.

Recognise Achievements

When an employee is working well, be sure to acknowledge and praise them. You could also share successes with the team, whether they are individual or company wide. This will help keep employees motivated and make them feel more appreciated.

Virtual Coffee or Lunch Breaks Can Make Workers More Engaged

When you’re in the office, you are able to socialise with your colleagues. Encourage your team to stay in touch via text, or even arrange to all have your breaks at the same time so you can chat as you would do if you were still in the office.

Ask for Feedback

One way to do this is by setting up an employee engagement survey. Find out how people are feeling about working from home, including what challenges they’re facing and what they’re enjoying. This may differ between workplaces and individuals, so by listening to what your team are struggling with, you can adjust your remote operations to make sure everyone is happy.

Set Goals

Setting measurable goals can help in many ways. Firstly, it gives workers something to work towards, and helps keep them on track. You could also set goals for the entire team rather than just individuals. This can help encourage teamwork and a sense of community, making sure that employees stay connected and engaged with each other.

Be Flexible

Some people are fine working from home- they can work undisturbed and have everything they need. Other people may struggle, especially if they have families or don’t have a home office. Be as flexible as you can to accommodate your team’s different circumstances and provide support where you can, for example by helping them source better equipment to make their remote working easier.

Support Your Team’s Physical and Mental Health

Working from home comes with it’s own set of health problems. Some workplaces are creating applications or blogs to promote mindfulness, a healthy diet and physical activity to help keep employees healthy. Any program that encourages health and wellness is vital to keeping employees engaged. For example, Starbucks are offering 20 free therapy sessions for all employees. Remember, employees need to feel supported with their health now more than ever, and the benefits of healthy employees reaches far beyond just keeping them engaged.

Create a ‘Water-cooler’ Chat

Keep your team engaged by making the watercooler virtual. Create a group chat where employees are free to share non-work-related news and updates. To keep the chat active and engaged, you could introduce a daily theme/topic to get people talking.

Meet Outside of Work

Depending on COVID-19 restrictions, you could arrange a (socially distanced) trip somewhere. Alternatively, you could arrange a virtual meeting, such as a Zoom quiz. Keeping employees connected and improving team spirit is one of the top ways to keep them engaged.

Introduce Employee Perks (Like a Box of Healthy Snacks!)

Receiving a box of healthy snacks from their employer will make your team feel appreciated and engaged. In our snack boxes, we include a handwritten note so that you can show your employee how much you appreciate all the hard work they do. Catering for all dietary requirements so no one is left out, we hope that our healthy snacks will encourage employees to eat healthier, thus improving their overall wellness and productivity, and keep them engaged. 

Now more than ever we need to make sure workers feel supported and appreciated, as engaged workers are productive and happy, and help improve workplace morale.

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