Personalised healthy snacks for your team, wherever they are.

Healthy and delicious snacks for the whole team to enjoy, at home or in the office. 

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The Perfect WFH Wellness Box
£ 9
99+ One-off
  • 5-20 healthy snacks for all dietary requirements
  • Free UK delivery (international delivery available)
  • Snackcess Product Brochure
  • Customised handwritten note

WFH Subscription Box

Boost WFH Employee Wellness and Engagement
£ 7
99+ Per Month
  • 5-20 changing healthy snacks for all dietary requirements
  • Free UK Delivery (international delivery available)
  • Snackcess Monthly Healthy Living Brochure
  • Snackcess Community Benefits
  • Nutritional Workshops and Access to Partner Brands.

Office Box

Covid-secure Office Snacks to Improve Employee Experience
Get in touch
  • Fully Customised Boxes
  • Free UK Delivery (international delivery available)
  • Snackcess Community Benefits
  • Snackcess Monthly Healthy Living Brochure
  • Nutritional Workshops and Access to Partner Brands

WFH Workers

As a Gift, Reward or Benefit

Show your appreciation, and engage your WFH teams with a snack box delivered straight to their door.

Virtual Events

Tasty Conference or Event Goodies and Treats

Send your attendees a healthy and delicious snack box ready for your virtual event.

Office Snacks

Tailor-Made Office Snack Packages

Bespoke healthy snacks suitable for offices of every size and all dietary requirements.

What's inside?

How it works?

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Get in touch and request your sample.


We tailor the snack boxes to your team and needs.


We deliver the box for your employees to enjoy.

More than Snacks...

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Healthier Workers

Healthy snacks encourage a healthy diet.


Shared Experience

Available for offices, virtual events or remote teams. 


Boosted Engagement

Snacks are the perfect engagement tool.

Personalised Service

Customised for your employee, team or event.


Improved Culture

Snacks are exciting, fun and unique for your company.


Increased Retention

Snacks help retain and  attract the best talent.

"Snackcess was the perfect service for our employees. All of them loved the healthy snacks and no one felt left out. I would recommend Snackcess to any company looking to give something special to their workforce."

Asher Moses, CEO and Founder of Sherbet London


If you fill in one of our contact submission forms, a member of the Snackcess team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. From there, all we need is an address to send your box to and you will be able to try the snacks in no time!

One-off Gift Packages: Boxes contain five, ten or twenty of our most popular snacks along with a personalised handwritten message. 

Subscription Packages: Our standard plan contains 10 snacks. We will rotate snacks each month to introduce you to new tastes and experiences. These also contain a personalised handwritten message.

Office Box: Tailored to your office needs. 


Boxes can be made to suit all dietary requirements or be sent out as a standard box. Most of the snacks we use are vegan and gluten-free. 

This depends on the plan:

Gift Packages will be delivered as soon as possible depending on the order size. We aim to ship out all orders within a week. If you wish to have them delivered on a specific date this can be done as well.

Subscription Packages will be shipped out on a set day every month. 

Office Packages can be delivered to suit your company’s needs

Our prices range from £13.99 per employee including free UK delivery. We handle all deliveries and send the boxes straight to your work from home heroes. 

At Snackcess, we don’t believe in complex contracts that lock you in. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. Just get in touch with us via email or phone and we will pause or cancel your subscription.

This our exclusive ebook which contains tools, tips and techniques to provide valuable information to remote workers. The ebook contains information regarding physical and mental health, productivity, communication, best WFH practices and much more. This is completely free and is a part of the welcome email all workers receive.

In order to deliver our packages to your workers, we will send you a secure spreadsheet where you can input each employee’s information. This includes: name, address, email and dietary preferences. We are flexible about the process so that it suits your company’s privacy requirements. 

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